The Top 10 National Parks to Visit as Part of Your New RV Lifestyle

The Top 10 National Parks to Visit in Your RV

The RVs we have today aren’t the same ones we had a hundred years ago. They are full of all the bells and whistles to provide you immense levels of comfort. They also act as the perfect adventure machine! However, not all the parks we visit are full of adventure or worth the trip in your RV. With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of the top ten national parks to visit as part of your new RV lifestyle. 

Note: With National Park closures in light of COVID-19, please be sure to check the individual park page for operating hours.

Living the RV Life at National Parks

Below are our top ten national parks you can visit in your RV. You won’t want to miss these parks if you’re looking to have an adventure and reconnect with the great outdoors while joining like-minded, RV communities.

Because we keep up with adventurous RVers like yourself, we are able to give the most up-to-date recommendations regarding RV excursions.

Let’s kick this off with the first national park!

1. Glacier National Park

A massive national park that spans over a million acres across Montana and the Canadian border, Glacier National Park is a must-stop for all RVs. This awe-inspiring park is filled with evergreen trees, alpine lakes, valleys, and massive mountains.

There are well over seven hundred different trails throughout the park, offering diverse experiences for every traveler. The wildlife here is in abundance, from grizzly bears to beavers, to bighorn sheep.

Glacier National Park is an adventure paradise and the crown of the continent. It should be one of your first visits!

2. Acadia National Park

With well over seventeen million acres covered in pine trees, lakes, and rivers, Acadia National Park is one of the most visited parks in our nation. It’s no wonder this park has more than three million visits every single year!

Acadia National Park offers visitors twenty-seven miles of historic roads, a whopping one hundred fifty-eight miles to hike on, and even forty-five miles of carriage roads. The park protects the rocky mountains along the Atlantic coastline. 

If you love the outdoors and haven’t been to this national park, then you are truly missing out!

3. The Badlands

Home to ancient saber-tooth tigers once upon a time, The Badlands has attracted visitors and travelers from around the world. Its 244,000 acres are full of geologic deposits and rich fossil beds. 

The park is stretched across massive grass prairies that have wild bison roaming about, bighorn sheep, and the black-footed ferrets.

The Badlands National Park is truly a unique visit for everyone.

the badlands

4. Carlsbad Caverns

Located in the southern part of New Mexico, Carlsbad Cavern National Park is hidden beneath the Chihuahuan Desert with over one hundred nineteen caves to explore.

The largest cave in this national park is roughly eight acres, which makes it the largest cave chamber in the United States. The park is also home to ancient sea ledges, rocky canyons, and the desert cactus.

If you love deserts and caves, your adventure should begin here!

5. Denali National Park

The number one attraction in Alaska, Denali National Park usually receives over four hundred thousand visitors a year. Its popularity comes from the beautiful views accessible from the tallest mountains in the United States.

Travelers are able to see the Denali Mountain peak, which is North America’s tallest mountain. It is heavily populated with wildlife, both big and small. 

This park is highly RV friendly and features six campgrounds, three of which are designated specifically for recreational vehicles.  

6. The Redwoods

Most well known for being home to the world’s tallest trees, The Redwood National Forest protects the old oak woodlands, prairies, and rivers along the forty-mile coastline.

Not only can you visit the wonderful wildlife and ensuing vegetation the park holds, but you can also see whales along the coastline!

California has been working diligently to restore and manage the land so we can persevere its beauty–don’t miss your opportunity to partake in it! 


7. Olympic National Park

Expanding across a vast variety of nature, Olympic National Park has mountains to explore, coastlines to see, and rainforests to hike through. The diversity of the park makes it novel and fascinating. 

The park offers seventy miles across the coastline and has multiple hidden waterfalls for you to find as you hike through the ancient rainforests. 

This unique set of ecosystems alone is reason enough to go check out this natural gem!

8. North Cascades

Located in the state of Washington and only a short trip outside of Seattle, The North Cascades National Park is a peaceful and beautiful visit worth taking.

You can explore the peaks containing over three hundred glaciers, evergreens, and the gorgeous Diablo Lake. 

This park is great for kayaking adventurers or for travelers that want to take a vehicle up Mount Shuksan for a view you will never forget!

9. Yosemite Park

If you’re going to pick just one national park to visit this year, Yosemite National Park should be your choice. The park is home to world-famous waterfalls and incredible rock formations. 

You can find over a thousand miles of deep valleys, meadows, and sequoias as well! It’s full of vast wilderness and a wide variety of animal life. 

Although the park is open year-round, it is only open to camping during a certain season–from April to September. This helps preserve the park and the wildlife that live there. 

10. Yellowstone Park

Last on our list, but certainly not least, Yellowstone National Park is the first park to have unique hydrothermal and geologic wonders! The park sits on top of a volcanic hot spring, waterfalls, and of course, erupting geysers! Don’t forget to send us your photos of Old Faithful! 

Yellowstone is also home to two hundred species of animals that include grizzly bears and the great bald eagle. You will find sixty other types of mammals such as bison, wolves, and elk.

Within the park, you will find that there are twelve campgrounds, most of which are RV-friendly. The park is also full of trails that stretch over thousands of miles. Yellowstone is truly a national wonder!

RV Adventures

If you haven’t had a chance to visit these national parks yet, then you are truly missing out. An RVer looking for adventure needs to add every one of these parks to their list of stops and experience what we have here in the United States.

The RV community is full of kind and helpful people that want to share their experiences and learn from others. If you want to learn more about where to go and places you must see in your RV, then join our RV community to connect!

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